Universal Structures specializes in civil engineering works (bridges and viaducts)

Over 50 years experience in the field

We offer cranes rental services to help you achieve your larger projects

Universal Structures, a family affair bringing out a solid foundation for the company!

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Our services

Steel structures

Since the founding of the company, Universal Structures specializes in the assembly of steel structures, wrought metals and metal coatings. Equipped with a variety of equipment, our company is able to achieve all the projects entrusted to us, regardless of their size. Universal Structures is committed to meet all your needs with our team and specialized equipment in order to complete your projects professionally and safely while meeting deadlines. We carry out projects of all sizes in many sectors of the institutional and industrial business sector. In addition, each year, we are mandated to execute contracts in the Northern Quebec and Nunavut.

Crane Rental

We offer a crane rental service to help you achieve your most laborious work.

Because we are equipped with a large fleet of equipment, we are able to offer the service of one of our seven mechanical cranes accompanied by a specialized operator. We want to help you achieve your most ambitious projects by providing you with quality equipment with an operator with experience with handling heavy machinery to help you complete your projects quickly. For more information about crane rentals, contact us today.

Architectural concrete

With the expertise gained over the years, Universal Structures is able to build architectural concrete structures. We offer this service in several sectors such as the commercial, institutional, industrial industries and civil engineering. From the construction of a viaduct or a noise barrier, to the construction of a sports stadium, Universal Structures will realize your most complex projects. Our team of skilled workers carrying out the work according to high quality standards and in compliance with established timelines. Our large fleet of equipment allows us to complete the work quickly respecting the accuracy of the plan prepared, and this, in a safely manner.

Our achievements

+ achievements


The Turcot interchange Project started in August 2016. Since its inception, it has been Structures universelles’s biggest challenge. We installed 43 bridge structures, the equivalent of 16,000 tons of steel. In the end, we provided 500 beams.


The expertise of the team at Universal Structures allowed them to complete the assembly of the bridge to the Nuns’ island quickly while maintaining quality standards to meet the needs of their customers!

Our story

Founded in 1962, Universal Structures was born in Charlemagne thanks to Mr. Roma Fortin. This family business, established for over 50 years, has over three generations of steel erectors, and crane operators since the birth of the company.

In the 90s, the company decided to reach out to new customers by adding to their specializations the service of assembling panels of architectural concrete. With the growing demand, Universal Structures moved to Saint-Roch in order to expand their offices. Mr. Fortin has passed on his passion for the business to family members and making Universal Structures a reputable family business.

Mainly specializing in the installation of steel structures during their beginning, the company soon decided to expand their fleet of equipment in order to meet the needs of all their customers. The acquisition of all of this equipment allowed them to seek more customers and offer additional services such as crane rental.

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